The Many Suits of Ellen DeGeneres, Female Suit Icon 

Ellen DeGeneres, is the queen of laid back, androgynous style and forever looking too-cool-for-school, in a nerdy-chic kind of way, is a style not many can master! 

The outfits she is seen wearing on her hilarious hit daytime TV show could be described as Hampton’s school-boy. She is often seen sporting a pair of perfectly tailored trousers, cuffed at the precise length to show off a pair of fresh sneakers.  

Let’s face it, whether she is wearing a button-down, sport jacket, or sweater set, Ellen always manages to look effortlessly put together.  

And her more formal looks are just as flawless! From hosting an awards show, strutting her stuff on the red carpet, or being spotted out on the town with her wife Portia de Rossi, Ellen never steps a foot wrong in a tailored suit.  

So who better to teach us a thing or two about how to wear a custom suit with serious confidence and flare? Let’s recount a few of our favorite Ellen suit looks… 


Rocking Plaid 


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This look may be a throwback, but we adore it so much that we had to include it! At a 2014 Twitter event, Ellen wore an expertly fitted pair of Black Watch plaid trousers with a navy tuxedo jacket.  

Her black satin lapels amped up the elegance while her crisp white button-down maintained the signature Ellen ‘Cool and Casual’ factor. Her patent leather Oxfords complemented the satin lapels and really brought the whole look together too. 

Couples who Coordinate 


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We love when couples coordinate, and if any couple can pull off coordinated suits, it is this female power-couple. These simple black suits are classic, without doubt. It wouldn’t be Ellen if there wasn’t a quirk though! While wife Portia opted for sophisticated black heels, Ellen opted for a suede Chelsea boot with a contrasting tan sole; the perfect accessory to add an element of casual to an otherwise formal look. 


The Summer Suit 


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In the warmer weather for a Wimbledon tennis game in London, Ellen opted for a light grey suit. She teamed a tweed blazer with fitted grey trousers and a printed button-down that kept her look summery and fresh. The hilarious host completed this look with a pair of stone colored lace-ups and very on-trend aviator glasses. 

Ellen is most certainly a style icon. No matter the occasion, she always looks like she has stepped off the pages of GQ. From Converse and sweater vests to Dolce and Gabbana suits and eye-catching prints, every look is worn with ease and her own special quirk. Ellen, we salute you! 



Want the Ellen custom suit look? Book an appointment with us and let’s work together to create you the perfect custom suit. 


How to Style Your Made-to-Measure Blazer 

 A made-to-measure blazer is the hardest working item in the fashion-savvy woman’s wardrobe. Polished and perfect, it’ll take you from day to evening, from work to a last-minute weekend getaway.  


Equally cool paired with jeans or a jumpsuit, there are practically unlimited ways to wear this classic. Overwhelmed by all the possibilities? Here are some items that you can pair your blazer with this summer: 




A favorite among fashion editor’s, it’s a simple formula; straight-leg jeans; t-shirt (plain white or slogan); checked blazer; and a pair of block-heeled ankle boots – that manages to be both timeless and completely of the moment. Whether you’re a fashion editor or not, a blazer is an easy way to make jeans and a plain shirt look instantly more dressed up. 



Matching Trousers 


Trouser suits are an important part of a sophisticated wardrobe. They are also the perfect accoutrement for your made-to-measure blazer.  Depending on the cut, colour and combination, you can achieve a well-polished, classy or modern, stylish look, perfect for any occasion. Be sure to invest in a made to measure trouser suit and it will pay you back many times over, whether you wear the pieces together or as separates. 




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There are plenty of designs and models of skirts to wear with your blazer, from mini to midi to maxi skirts, from short to long, from full A-line skirt to pencil skirt, with slits or pleats. If you believe a blazer looks quite masculine, pair it with a skirt in feminine prints and colors for the right contrast. 



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Plaid Shirts 


A fitted plaid shirt creates the most casual-chic style with blazer, and you can either dress it up with cool bottoms like a mini skirt for a more feminine look, leather skinnies for a rocker chic look, or with distressed boyfriend jeans for a casual look. Do your own color combination matching with the blazer. Be careful with prints though since plaid shirts already have busy patterns. 



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Waist Belts 


Blazers paired with statement belts are taking over this year. This easy styling trick was all over New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week too. You can pair your favorite blazer with all types of belts, from super long skinnies to waist hugging corsets. The best part? You’re not limited to one specific blazer style either, a boxy check-print works just as well as a slim solid. 




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A made-to-measure blazer is a must have for your wardrobe. A timeless classic with “wear me everywhere” potential. After all, when it comes to styling a blazer, you can never have too many outfit ideas.  



3 Women’s Summer Suit Trends

 Whether for work or play, a great summer suit is the epitome of style and makes choosing your outfit an absolute cinch. While most women reach for dresses and shorts as the temperature outside starts to climb, there’s a case for going with a two piece instead.  


Why? Simply put, a tailored suit makes a statement like no other. Plus, it’s an incredibly versatile piece that allows you to skew formal or casual depending on the occasion. You can even swap out the pants all together in exchange for tailored shorts, a great choice for those sweltering New York summer days that we are all too familiar with at the TailoryNYC.  


Finding a great piece of tailoring is the key to wardrobe happiness this summer. With this in mind, we take you through some of the most stylish summer suits and styles of 2018. 


The Classics 


The 1950’s and 1960’s are back. Think lots of printed designs and colors. Far away from the boardroom blazers and stuffed shoulder pads of yesteryear, this a trend we can get behind. Navy, greys, and blacks are being replaced by seasonal sugary tones like pastel pink, lavender, pistachio ice-cream green and buttercup yellow. As Ellen Degeneres has proven to us time and again, a pastel suit can work wonders in the work environment. 


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Short Suit 


Suits might sound great in theory, but you might be questioning whether they are truly heat friendly. Cue the short suit. Adding a pair of tailored shorts are a great answer to the summer party wardrobe conundrum too. The pastel tones mentioned above are also great if you want to show off your tan. 



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Great tailoring with saccharine tones is the defining suit trend this summer for women. While pastel colors are out in force on the high street, great tailoring is harder to find. 


We know how discouraging it is when something doesn’t fit, but with a made-to-measure summer suit, you can have a suit that hugs your curves the way they are supposed to be hugged. The best part? Custom-made suits are built to last, thanks to the quality of the fabric and craftsmanship involved. 



A great suit is a piece that every woman should own but the right suit is no easy feat to find. That’s where we come in. Book an appointment with the TailoryNYC today.