The Tailory: Our Process

Our process: How can you create your own custom suit with The Tailory New York?

Creating your own custom suit is exciting and we are very proud to offer a completely bespoke service that aims to make you feel unique, well dressed and confident.

So how exactly does this work? Let us run through our seamless process…

1. Book a consultation

The online appointment concierge is the easiest and fastest way to book an appointment for custom tailoring with our team. Simply select the date and time that works best for you. All measurement consultations are complimentary and can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you would like to book a same-day appointment or your desired appointment slot is not available, please contact the studio directly at 646.918.7777.

2. Fitting

During your fitting session, our consultants will take over 35 measurements to ensure the perfect fit. Constructing the fit of your garment is a dialogue between you and your fitter, which is why each of our consultants has years of custom tailoring experience and an in-depth knowledge of pattern making and clothing construction. A well-fitting custom garment is the perfect combination of proper fit and personal preference.

3. Design

Work with our team to design a garment that is uniquely yours. Each custom piece we make for our clients is individually designed with plenty of extra details. Our consultants will guide you through the design process and help you personalize each piece to ensure it meets your personal taste and lifestyle.

4. Spec

Every inch of your garment is made to high spec out and specific to you. After you have been measured and your garment has been designed, technical specifications and style details are sent to our team of manufacturers and production begins within minutes.

5. Creation

Every pattern is digitally cut for each and every client – there is no predetermined template. Your pattern is unique. This simply means you are able to completely customize your fit, your style and your entire design.

6. Feeling

From the style, to the way it drapes on your body, nothing will feel better than this custom garment. We have to warn you… once you go with custom tailoring, you will never shop off the rack again.

7. Pickup

With 24/7 production capability, we are able to deliver your custom items in as little as 2 and a half weeks. Once the garment arrives, you will try it on once more to make sure the fit is right and the finish is as you like it. We do not leave it with you until it is perfect. Any further alterations are done in midtown Manhattan to ensure that the turnaround is quicker and your custom piece is back to you in prompt time.

And it’s as easy as that. We work hard to provide a process that is efficient and bespoke so that you are fully satisfied with the newest addition to your wardrobe. Give us a try today and see how an expertly tailored suit feels.

Suits For Spring

Suits For Spring 


Now that the temperatures are beginning to rise and we are able to peel off a few layers, we can come out of our winter style hibernation and get back to dressing with a little more flair. Winter jackets, wet weather, and frigid temperatures can restrict your wardrobe choices. But spring has sprung and we’re ready to show off our duds. No more sacrificing fashion for warmth. 

Suits on the Spring Runways

Last fall we saw a surplus of designers showing suits on the runways for their Spring/Summer 2018 collections and the time is finally here to rock them!  

At shows like Teatum Jones and Acne, pastels resurfaced and stole the show. For others, like Tom Ford and Prabul Gurung, the bolder the color the better. What all designers had in common were monochromatic looks.   


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 

 Street-style Suits

Street-style stars are all aboard this monochromatic train too. At the London and Milan Fashion Weeks these past few weeks, the most fashionable women rocked same hue ensembles. You couldn’t attend a show without spotting at least 5 fashionistas in a pantsuit. Red was a hugely popular color, along with yellows and mustards. 


1-2 / 3-4 

 Printed Suits for Spring

An addition to pastels, spring always sees floral prints making a comeback. While wearing an all-over print may seem daunting for some, it is certainly an on-trend look that will get you noticed. Gucci showed some gorgeous prints for both men and women this season. 

If flowers and delicate patterns aren’t really your thing, animal and plaid are alternative prints to try out that will turn a few heads (in a good way!) The Hadid sisters, as usual, rock this trend flawlessly. 


1-2 / 3-4 

 How To Rock a Suit This Spring 

1) Opt for something with color. Ditch the darks until next winter. This season is all about beautiful pastels and bold brights. 

2) Go for a slouch fit. As much as we love a perfectly fitted suit, baggy silhouettes are all the rage right now. Widen those pant legs and lengthen that jacket. Did we mention how comfortable you’ll be? 

3) Add a casual element. Style your suit with a graphic tee or a turtleneck underneath. Also, swap out those stilettos for a flat or even a sneaker. 

4) Try out an all over print. Florals for spring are huge, of course. But if you’re feeling frisky, a leopard print suit will seriously make an impact.  

5) Belt it. With all these oversized suits, there is the possibility that you’ll feel like you lose your shape in all the excess fabric. Show off that waistline by adding a belt.  

6) Bring the hemline up. Whether you’re sporting trousers or a skirt on the bottom, don’t be afraid to raise the hem a bit. Show off those ankles and legs. They deserve to come out of hiding after a long winter. 

 So ladies, let’s suit up! The spring forecast is calling for suits of all kinds. Ditch the drab winter jacket and add a little color and structure to your wardrobe this season. 


At The Tailory we make custom suits for men and women in all kinds of styles, fits and colors. You’re unique. Your wardrobe should be too. 

New Year, New Suit: Trends for 2018

New Year, New Suit: Trends for 2018 


The New Year is the perfect time for a wardrobe revamp. You’ve made all these resolutions. You’re hitting the gym hard and paying a little more attention to what you’re eating. You deserve a little reward for putting in all that work. At The Tailory, we think that a new custom suit is just what the doctor ordered.  

To give a little inspiration and perhaps help you decide how you’d like your new bespoke suit to look, we’re counting down the hottest trends in suiting for 2018. 


Suit Trends for Men 2018 

If you’re the type of guy who sports a suit to work on the reg, you owe it to yourself freshen up your wardrobe. There will always be the classics, but it doesn’t hurt to try out the hot and new trends out there. If suits are special occasion, headed-to-a-wedding apparel, make sure you wow fellow party goers with your on-trend style choices. 



A favorite of street-style stars, the monochrome trend is one that transcends through all styles, not just suiting. While often, a suit is worn in a single color-way, this season is all about going above and beyond just the suit itself. We’re talking everything from your shirt to your tie, socks, shoes, and overcoat. 


1 / 2 / 3 



Go Grey 

A grey suit is a man’s best friend. Wearable in every season, this “not-black” suit is a classic. If plain grey seems a little drab to you, try out a simple pinstripe or plaid. From stone to charcoal, there is a shade of grey for every man and every occasion. Pale greys bring lightness to grim weather. Charcoal greys are great for the man having a hard time straying from the black suit. 


1 / 2 / 3 


Oversized Suits 

At first, when you picture an oversized suit, images that surface are those of the poor fitting suits of the 80s and 90s. But once you see the suits done by Stella McCartney, Alex Mullins, Vetements, and the like, the oversized suits you once associated with your dull university professor will suddenly look a little more appealing. Now, oversized does not mean too big. An oversized suit should still fit properly in the correct places: shoulders, sleeve length, and waist. Where we are seeing, and liking, the extra fabric is in the length and width of the blazer and trouser. Both should take on a more relaxed fit. Comfortable and well-dressed; who would’ve thought?! 


1 / 3 

Suit Trends for Women 2018 

If there is one trend we are certain of, it is suits for women. While some suits are trending more than others if you are wearing a suit you are part of the fashion elite. Celebs on the red carpet are ditching the traditional satin dresses and brides are opting for tuxes rather than gowns. Ladies, suits are hot and you look hot in one. 



During the first few months of the year, the weather typically refrains us from wearing what we like as layers are mandatory and thick knits a must. For the ladies, what these winter months do bring are an excuse to wear more pants and jackets. Luckily, warmer fabrics like velvet and corduroy are making a big appearance. Not only do these fabrics keep you warm, their textures bring some depth and catch the light in stunning ways. 


1 / 2 / 3 

Did we mention burnt orange is in? 


Bold Brights 

Wearing a suit is all about making a statement, so why not make an even louder one by rocking it in a bold bright color? Think ultra-saturated hues. Bonus points for rocking one in this year’s color of the year: Ultra Violet. Feeling super daring? Why not rock a bright print, stripe, or plaid. 


1 / 2 / 3 

Dark Denim 

Denim gets an upgrade this season. We’re seeing gorgeous tailored looks in beautiful dark denims. The juxtaposition of the rugged qualities of denim with the elegant and polished look of a bespoke suit creates a jarring and stunning look that we hope is here to stay. 


1 / 2 

Of course, everyone should have a classic suit in their closet. However, with tailored suits in the spotlight this year, it would be a shame to not try out one of the great trending looks. 

You’re one-of-a-kind. Your clothes should be too. Let us dress you. The Tailory makes custom suits in NYC. 


Ladies Wear The Pants at the 2018 Award Shows

Ladies Of The Red Carpet: Pantsuits 

It feels like every other Sunday evening in January we are cosying up with our favorite snacks to watch another awards show and we’re certainly not complaining. What’s better than an evening filled with the hottest looks, casual judging of the not so hot ones, musical performances, and tear-jerking speeches?! 


While the Golden Globes, the SAG Awards, and the Grammy’s all addressed important and political subjects, such as “Times Up” and #MeToo, there was another common theme uniting the attending women. Power suits in all shapes, patterns, and styles filled the red carpets.  

Ladies are officially suiting up in 2018 and we are big fans.  

That being said, we thought it was only right to do a round-up of our favorite female suits from the most recent awards shows and we can’t wait to use these as inspiration for your next custom suit. 


The Golden Globes 

The Golden Globes is the first inaugural awards show of the year, allowing the attendees to start the season off with a bang. In solidarity with the Times Up movement, the Hollywood elite flooded the red carpets in black outfits. Sticking to this timeless color did not restrict or inhibit any personal style and flair – and there were a few particular ladies that took our breath away. In fact, these ladies took the idea of “wearing the trousers” quite literally.  

These are our 3 favorite female suits from the 2018 Golden Globes: 


Ryan Michelle Bathe 

In a stunning black tuxedo, Ryan Michelle Bathe was certainly turning heads as she walked down the red carpet with her husband Sterling K Brown. The two found themselves on pretty much every best-dressed couple list and we’d have to agree. 


Image Source: Getty / Frederick M. Brown 

Claire Foy 

Nominee of the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress In A Television Series, Claire Foy broke the internet when she wore a gorgeous double-breasted suit with a plunging neckline and flared pant. Twitter couldn’t get enough of The Crown actress and we’re right there with them. 


Image Source 

Rita Moreno 

Arriving as Norman Lear’s passenger on a motorized scooter, Rita Moreno’s outfit certainly didn’t take the back seat. The 86 year old One Day at a Time actress looked utterly badass in leather. Wearing a structured and gold-studded leather jacket with leather pants and tie, Rita Moreno should have been awarded the Golden Globe in style. 


Image Source 


SAG Awards 

Most of the ladies opted for a traditional gown at this year’s SAG awards. However, there was one lady who rocked a pant look and we cannot get enough of how she interpreted the formal dress code. 


Yara Shahidi 

Black-ish star, Yara Shahidi looked absolutely stunning in a black strapless pantsuit with a cascading bustle. Exquisitely fitted, Yara’s custom Ralph Lauren pantsuit not only looked flawless but dare we say it looked pretty comfortable too.


Image Source: Getty / Jeff Kravitz 

The Grammy Awards 

This past weekend’s show was full of ladies wearing suits. From elevated banker suits to sequins and floor-grazing blazers, the women of the Grammys were certainly bold in their selections. 


Anna Kendrick 

Stunning in Balmain, Anna Kendrick wore a grey check suit, reminiscent of a classic banker suit, but with tons of sex appeal. Under her cropped suit jacket, Kendrick wore a black lace bustier and paired her ankle grazing trousers with baby pink stilettos. 


Image Source 


Both of Eve’s costume changes during the night involved gorgeous suit separates. She went shirtless under her blazers in both cases. The first suit was a stunning sequined Naeem Khan black and silver striped number with wide legged trousers. Her second outfit was a red sequined blazer with a black satin lapel. She paired the jacket with long black satin palazzo pants and a cascading, web-like choker. 


Image Source / Image Source  

Andra Day 

While not technically a pantsuit, we couldn’t resist calling out Andra Day’s killer red carpet look. The stunning singer stepped out in a daring lilac and red detailed floor-length blazer with a slit showing off her leg that seemed to go on for days. Double breasted and perfectly tailored, this look may be a favorite of the evening. 


Image Source 


While this doesn’t even scratch the surface of how many amazing looks we saw on the women of the awards shows this month, these are a few of our faves.  

We can’t wait to see what the rest of the awards shows in 2018 bring in terms of fashion. We’re keeping our eyes on the ladies in customized suits, striking pants and bold blazers for sure.   



2017: The Year of Women in Suits

2017: The Year of Women in Suits 


2017 was a year where #girlboss was less of a hashtag and more of a movement. You could not attend a fashion show or walk down the street without seeing this reflected in the fashion choices of the designer collections, it girls, and style mavens. Power women in suits was a 2017 trend that could not go unnoticed. Perhaps a nod to pantsuit aficionado Ms. Clinton, everyone from Victoria Beckham and Alexander McQueen ditched feminine hemlines for more masculine silhouettes. Christian Dior took a more militant approach showing workwear inspired pant suits. Taking fashion cues from Wall Street, Calvin Klein and Alexander Wang showed elevated banker suits in plaids and tweeds with boxy silhouettes. 


The female suit has, in the past, been referred to a “borrowed from the boys” look. Past styles have also reflected this boyish style: drab colors, boxy shoulders, and straight cut pants. Often referred to as a power suit, we see nothing powerful about these dated silhouettes and colors. To quote Evan Rachel Wood to THR, “It’s like saying power is associated with dressing like a man instead of just feeling powerful in whatever you’re wearing.” We couldn’t agree more, so we’re ditching this outdated comparative term. This trend is all about the power woman, a woman with a voice that is louder than ever with style that reflects that. It is a big middle finger to the idea that a woman must be feminine and delicate in order to be beautiful. However, we feel the lady suit is also the epitome of femininity. It is a symbol of strength, good taste, style, and being comfortable in one’s skin. This season’s suits have been reimagined and revisioned with today’s woman in mind. 


In addition to the looks we saw on the runways, street style stars were all business this year. Hanging outside of all the hottest shows, girls were dressed in suits of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Bold brights were a popular choice among the best dressed. Many femmed up the look with a strappy stiletto or fur stole. 


From red carpets to nights out, celebs too were following suit. Though we saw multitudes of A-list ladies rocking a suit this past year, there are 5 who particularly stood out. 


  1. Cara Delevigne 

Ray Tamarra/GC Images 


In the dead of the summer, the streets of NYC became Cara’s runway when she was spotted wearing a blue velvet suit by Mugler. Never the one to let gender norms constrict her, Cara also didn’t let the heat stop her from rocking this smoking jacket and trousers. Loosely fitted with sleeve cuffs rolled, Cara glammed up this dapper look with a sheer bralette, rosary style necklace, and blue tinted sunnies. 


  1. Janelle Monae


Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP 


This vocal powerhouse and actor is no stranger to the suit. Known for being unapologetic about being true to oneself regardless of what people say, Monae in a suit is a statement of uniqueness and a message to women to be proud of themselves. At the 10th Annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards, Monae sported a white tailored Barbara Bui suit with black and yellow accents. Relaxed fit trousers and rolled sleeve cuffs created a polished yet comfortable look. 


  1. Octavia Spencer




Spencer was a vision at this year’s Golden Globes. While most opted for elaborate tulle and bedazzled ball gowns, Octavia took a more refined and simplistic, but nonetheless striking route. In a navy tailored suit with tuxedo pants, the actor looked classic and comfortable. With a pair of velvet platforms, cascading earrings, and a showstopping emerald ring, a little glitz and glam rounded out the ensemble to create a complete stunning look. 


  1. Kim Kardashian West



Getty Images 

The ultimate A-lister attended the Forbes Women’s Summit in a vintage Jean Paul Gaultier pinstripe business suit. In true 80s fashion, the suit was complete with shoulder pads and a double-breasted jacket. The reality star and entrepreneur Kim K’ed it up a bit by forgoing any undergarments beneath her jacket and slipping on some strappy sandals. 


  1. Evan Rachel Wood


Frazer Harrison/Getty 

Channelling Marlene Dietrich and David Bowie, Evan Rachel Wood stepped out on this year’s Golden Globes red carpet in a stunning 3-piece custom suit by Altuzarra with a flared tuxedo pant, long fitted jacket, and white vest. Wood made a decision to exclusively rock pant suits at this past year’s award shows to let young girls worldwide know that dresses are not a requirement of woman or girlhood. 


The women’s suit is not about mimicking menswear. It is a statement of individuality, confidence, and strength, a mirror of womanhood. As we close out 2017, the suit becomes a symbol of showing that we are here, strong, beautiful, and exquisitely dressed. This is no gender role reversal. This is the new normal.  


At The Tailory, we create custom suits in NYC tailored just for you. You’re one-of-a-kind. Your clothing should be too. Let us dress you.  


How to rock a tailored suit for NYE 

How to rock a tailored suit for NYE

 If you are looking to truly impress in the style stakes this New Year’s Eve, nothing quite compares to a form-fitting, beautifully crafted, tailored suit. A suit is the ultimate sign of fashion credentials and it can be adapted for every preference, body shape and event.  

For females, an elegant or edgy suit worn this December 31st (or any night of the year for that matter) can exude confidence and power. The structure of a fine women’s tailored suit, perhaps layered with lace or with a dainty bralette peeking out from underneath, makes you look both smart and sexy and is the ideal antidote to an LBD or something bodycon. 

Meanwhile for men, nothing screams “handsome” louder than a perfectly fitted suit. Whether it’s a three-piece, a custom tailored suit, a tuxedo or a fancy jacket teamed with contrasting pants for an ensemble that appears off the cuff and effortless (when in actuality it is completely deliberate and well thought through, of course).  

No matter where you plan to spend the final hours of 2017 – at an intimate dinner, a trendy cocktail party or a glamorous gathering with your friends – there is certainly something to suit.  

Take a look at some of the hot trends and key styles that will have you feeling like a million dollars while you wave goodbye to this past year and welcome 2018. We’re thinking texture, patterns and a ton of sophistication. 


Look Luxe in a Tux 

Is there anything more classic and appropriate for a NYE party than a tuxedo? It’s a staple in every man’s wardrobe and for good reason. It is the absolute embodiment of ‘black-tie dressing’ and is perfect for a classy function.  

 A tux or dinner suit is distinguished by its satin detail, typically seen on the lapels, pocket trim, buttons and often down the leg of the trousers, which adds more dimension to the outfit than a plain black jacket and pants. Often worn with a bowtie, it’s hard to find a fault with the tuxedo and if you’re unsure of how adventurous to be for NYE, this might be the go-to for you. 

But if you are aiming to stand out a tad more, opt for a tuxedo in a subtle checkered pattern or perhaps a navy blue colour. And don’t forget a pocket square. 


Photo: Pinterest 


Ladies, a tuxedo can definitely be an option for you too. Stride into the room with an air of “Je ne sais quoi” by sporting a flattering tux and killer stilettos. If you’re feeling really bold, complete the look with dramatic accessories, such as a large statement ring or jewel-encrusted earrings. Don’t forget the bowtie for an androgynous touch – you can even leave it undone à la Angelina Jolie. 


Photo: Getty Images 


21-year-old actress and singer, Zendaya has perfected the classic tux look. 


Photo: Zendaya – Pinterest 



Velvet: The Trend That Keeps on Giving 

It was all over the runways last year and it’s back again this year. Velvet. the trend that gives us true texture and, quite frankly, complements suits like champagne and diamonds. A sumptuous velvet suit jacket is extremely stylish and can even keep you a tiny bit cozier in the chilly winter weather. Maybe.   

It’s a perfect all-rounder for a fun cocktail evening, rooftop drinks or a plush dinner date. 


 Photo: Caruso – Mr Porter 


Velvet looks stunning in deep winter tones, such as plum, bottle green and dark blue, for both ladies and gentlemen. You can team your jacket with velvet pants for a real impact (think Tom Ford’s unreal blue velvet tux for Gucci) or go for an entirely different material on the bottom for a mix and match style that no-one else will be wearing. Black or grey cotton pants look extra elegant. 

 Photo: Tom Ford for Gucci Blue Velvet Tuxedo – Era Luxe 


You’ll look truly one of a kind – as it should be on NYE! 


Go bold or go home 

 As already established, a suit is a very powerful thing. But a suit with embroidery or colour blocking? That’s an entirely different species. Bold stitching, plush patterns and radical designs can shock and awe in all the right ways and New Year’s Eve is just the occasion to put this to the test.  


Photo: Gucci – Mr Porter 


Gucci knows what we’re talking about, as the brand has carefully crafted a sharp blue paisley jacquard tuxedo jacket and matching trousers for men. At closer inspection, however, this designer suit is not a paisley print at all, but in fact a stunning collection of seahorses and stars.  

For the females, there are options for days. No matter what you’re into, there is guaranteed to be something to reflect your personality perfectly. Go for intricate floral details, jackets dotted with pearls and lace or go all out with striking colours. We also love subtle studs or even creative, graphic designs that make you look like you’ve walked straight out of the Museum of Modern Art.  


Photo: Solange in Just Cavalli – 


Who said a suit is just a jacket and pants?! Happy New Year’s! 

Fashion Week 2017



We do not follow the Fashion Calendar! For New York Fashion Week 2017, not only did we show Fall/Winter instead of Spring/Summer, we showcased a collection of tailored suiting that isn't your standard dapper attire. Keeping true to our concept of customizing clothing for the individual client, we designed and curated each look specific to the models that represented us on the runway.

With a diverse model lineup showcasing activist Erika Hart, model Benjamin Melzer, (the first transgender model to grace the cover of Men's Health Magazine) and Holland's Top Model winner Loiza Lamers,(the first transgender model to win the Top Model Franchise, we hoped to convey that Fashion goes beyond the clothing and is really about the person wearing it. Whether it's rocker chic, sporty or ultra femme, we designed each piece with the model in mind allowing them to show the world just how they see themselves. I mean, that is truly what custom clothing is about.

Photo: Hannah Cohen Model: Ali Medina


Huff queer voices celebrated New York Fashion week with us by streaming live the entire DapperQ show. Enjoy the entire show or skip 40min in to catch just Tailory's Segment.

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