3 Types of Summer Suit Shoes

When it comes to your summer suit you don’t want to be sweltering away, swaddled in polyester. You want materials that will keep you cool, breathable materials like linen or cotton mixes, or even light, unlined fine-wool jackets.

These lighter summer fabrics need the perfect summer shoe to accompany them, one that matches the lighter tones and overall look and feel of your suit. Whether you’re shopping for a summer wedding or a pair of shoes suited to the boardroom, there are stylish solutions out there.

Don’t know where to start? Here are three summer suit shoes to consider adding to your shoe rack this season.


Dress loafers are always a smart bet, but in summer they are your summer wardrobe secret weapon. The classics colors (black, brown, tan, and even oxblood) will match any suit you wear this summer, but if you’re looking to step outside your comfort zone, consider stepping into a pair of uncommon baller menswear prints or a pair with two-toned panelling. Very fetching for the sunny weather, right?!

The trick to keeping your loafers from looking a little too ‘old-school’, is to stick with slim trousers and keep your break minimal. A sockless loafer style also has the benefit of allowing your ankles to breathe in the warmer temperatures. If you’re conscious of your feet sweating too much, grab a pair of no-show socks and you’re good to go.

Suede Bucks

You don’t see many people wearing white suede shoes in the fall or winter and for good reason. It’s a color, and material, best left to spring and summer, where they’ll be a little more protected from the damaging elements.

White suede shoes are a particularly excellent companion to a navy suit and are at their finest with a little wear and tear in the sunny months.

A darker shade with leather soles will be more appropriate for darker suits and more conservative dress codes (perhaps in the evenings), while lighter colors with rubber soles will even further embrace the seasonal vibe. There is something about suede that just screams summer!

White Sneakers

Once reserved for office workers on their way home (and Ellen DeGeneres), this footwear combination is now on trend more than ever. In fact, a white sneaker and a summer suit are now universally accepted attire. Sneakers work especially well with casual cotton suits and as long as you aren’t subject to a strict dress code, you’ll be surprised by how sharp a sneaker and tailored suit can look.

If you’re really trying to avoid too much attention, try color matching. Not only can camouflaging your casual shoes with your outfit make you feel a little more put together, but it also helps elongate your silhouette.

Don’t forget to have fun with your footwear this summer. Your choice of shoe can truly take a summer suit to a whole new level and these particular three styles will keep you looking – and feeling – cool during the months where the thermometer stays in double digits.
Stay cool!

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