A Bridal Jumpsuit: The Answer to Your Wedding Fashion Dilemma

One thing is for sure: the wedding dress will reign supreme as the bridal garment of choice for the foreseeable future. There’s an undeniable element of childhood fantasy fulfillment to donning an ivory gown on what we’re told is the happiest day of our lives. It’s as if partaking in a longstanding rite of passage grants us the promise of illusory happiness. The bridal jumpsuit has captured the cultural zeitgeist. 

In a post #MeToo America, women are reclaiming agency over their fashion choices. As such, the pant carries renewed importance as a wedding garment. It’s no longer understood as a suppression or rejection of femininity; instead, it denotes a woman’s ability to make fashion choices outside of a traditional context.

The wedding jumpsuit falls somewhere along the spectrum of gender expression, evading the binary categorization of a pant suit and a dress as typically masculine and feminine. In addition to granting increased mobility, a jumpsuit offers a whole new world of design possibilities outside of traditional wedding dress design. 

A style that has been gaining popularity with our bridal clients is the cape jumpsuit. A cape can come in several forms: embellished, floor length, or tailored in the form of a cape jacket are just a few of the design concepts we have created for our clients’ weddings.

Attached here are a few photos of our custom jumpsuits, along with a detailed style breakdown of what makes each look unique:

For Lindsay’s ivory silk jumpsuit, we created a long, detachable cape that was cut on the bias to capture the natural beauty of silk in motion. The cascading cape is detachable, allowing for a seamless transition into the afterparty shenanigans. A sheer chest panel provides an unexpected pop of skin to a fabric-heavy look. A bridal outfit befitting the modern superhero.

Jackie wanted to wear a jumpsuit that conveyed a strong element of tailoring. The final look is a double breasted, shawl lapel jacket with a matching capelet for a power bridal look that is uncompromising in its femininity. 

These are just a few designs we have worked on for our wedding clients, but keep in mind that with custom, the possibilities are endless. Looking for the best custom suits NYC has to offer?

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