Meghan Markle Gives Prince Archie and Pricess Lilibet a Shout Out When Asked About Holiday Traditions

The Duchess of Sussex spoke with reporters on the red carpet at Variety's Power of Women event

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Embellished Formalwear Inspired By The Icon Liberace

Liberace, the beloved pianist and showman perfected the art of dramatic entrances and with his penchant for over-the-top performances paired with even more extravagant costumes, it is little wonder that his legacy continues to live on with fashion enthusiasts.

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Gender Nonconforming Formal Wear

Although society has become more accepting of diverse gender identities in terms of casual clothing, the freedom to express one's gender through formal wear remains limited. There is a lack of options that bridge the gap between traditional masculine and feminine styles.

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Women’s Custom Suits: Standing Out

By opting for a personalized suit, your wardrobe will always exude a distinct singularity. Embracing a style that is genuinely your own allows you to stand out at any occasion. The ability to mix and match your suit pieces enables you to craft a distinct appearance that truly reflects your individuality.

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Ageless Elegance: Embracing Confidence and Mastery Through Time

As we mature, it becomes challenging to find stylish clothing that isn't primarily targeted towards a younger demographic. We don't want to dress the same way we did in our 20s when we reach our 60s. Our bodies undergo sudden and unexpected changes as we age, but custom suiting can help us regain control and confidence over our bodies, allowing us to establish a new identity.

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 Custom Suits: The Best Fit

Try to recall a time when you wore something and instantly felt amazing. It could have been a pair of custom pants, a crisp button-down shirt, a suit, or a blazer. What was it about that outfit that made you feel so great?


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Securing The Custom Dress

Securing The Custom Dress

There is nothing more personal and singular than clothing that has been specifically designed with you in mind, and a custom dress is an article of clothing that just about anyone would appreciate in their wardrobe.

The Power of Embellishments

The Power of Embellishments

When it comes to fashion, attention to details can make all the difference between a great outfit and a truly eye-catching one.

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Virtual Fittings

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Custom Suit Fitting

Our designer Florence’s true desire during custom suit fittings. 📏 🪄 ✨

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What the Tailory NY Loves

Things we love at The Tailory New York💖 Who finds this relatable?!? Book your appointment with us now, and design your custom suit. ✨ 🪄 ✨

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DC Custom Suit Event

Are you ready to suit up in jaw-dropping, affirming, custom-tailored style? Our founder and creative director will be popping up in Dupont Circle and taking one-on-one design appointments..🏙 🪄 ✨

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Cocktails and Custom Suits

Cocktails for the clients ALWAYS! Custom suits and cocktails... name a better duo!!! Book your appointment with us now. Cocktails on us.🏙 🪄 ✨

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