COVID-19: Virtual Remote Appointments

Whether it comes to our design aesthetic, our editorials, or our commitment to fostering new client relationships, we are known for continually operating outside the box of the traditional boundaries of custom suiting.

The outbreak of COVID-19 and its subsequent government-mandated quarantines to slow its spread have taken a toll on business. Our business model is founded on a one-on-one appointment structure, during which clients will browse through fabrics, design, and get fitted for custom garments. How could we continue our operations without the ability to meet clients face-to-face?

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Because you can’t come to us, The Tailory is coming to you. We are excited to announce that we now offer virtual fittings via FaceTime, Zoom, or your preferred video call application. This is particularly useful for clients who need a custom suit for May or June engagements like galas, conferences, and weddings. Despite the possibility of these professional and social engagements being postponed or canceled, we understand that clients will still need to make arrangements in advance. 

The process, though different in format and execution, remains simple.


During our video call, we will design every aspect of your suit. This includes:

  1. Selecting fabrics, linings, and other trimmings for your suit.

  2. Designing your suit from top to bottom, inside out. We will help you choose your styling details, from lapel and pocket styles to shirt collars and pant closures with attention to your wants and needs.

  3. Determining fit and structure. We will ask you questions about your desired silhouette: do you prefer something extremely tailored? Slightly oversized? More androgynous in silhouette, or very feminine in shape?

Once we decide on all the details, we will send you an order confirmation of the fabric and styling details will be sent to your email. This consists of a detailed rundown of the agreed-upon styling details for your suit


We will send you a personalized login to a digital app that captures all of your measurements and directly transmits them to our system based off of photos you will take in your living room.

With only a few clicks, our user-friendly app instantaneously provides us with 35 measurements of the utmost accuracy and a complete analysis of your body posture. The whole measurement process takes less than 5 minutes to complete from start to finish.

This is how you can prepare to take the most accurate set of digital measurements for your custom garment:

  • Make sure you are in a brightly lit room. 

  • Wear clothing that is close fitting to your body. Fitted workout clothes are ideal.

  • Make sure to take the photos barefoot!


Once the suit is finished 4 to 6 weeks later, it will be shipped to you for a remote fitting. We will go over the fit of the suit via video call. Should we need to make alterations, we will provide a return label for you to send your custom garment back to us.

Alterations usually take around a week and will be shipped back to you upon completion. All alterations are logged in your profile so future orders will require no adjustments.

You may reach us at with any questions you may have about our remote fitting process. 

Book a virtual appointment at the link below! 

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