Next to our custom suits, a custom jumpsuit is the next most popular garment that we make. They are exceptionally popular with our wedding clients who does not envision themselve in a custom suit nor a custom gown and the custom jumpsuit strikes the perfect balance between.

custom wedding jumpsuit with lace detailing
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custom green stripped jumpsuit that cinches at the waist
The Tailory NYC by Alex KorolkovasTheTailoryNYC by Alex Korolkovas X2A4695


We at The Tailory can’t think of anything sexier than a woman in a custom tuxedo. Since our inception in 2014, we have designed and tailored countless custom tuxedos for our women clients. Since we have a full bespoke approach, we can make any of your custom tuxedo dreams a reality. We can and have made the classically tailored custom tuxedo, custom tuxedos with removable trains, custom women tuxedos with full embellishments to custom tuxedo dresses.


Custom femme tuxedos have always been seen as a powerful aesthetic that flips societal norms on its head while simultaneously elevating a look. Viewed by many as a more traditional style of dress, the inclusion of a custom femme tuxedo in your big day is a bold statement and definitely worth exploring. To achieve a look that is singularly YOU, trust The Tailory New York to personalize custom femme tuxedos. Leaving you turning heads, setting the scene, and breaking the binary of traditional wedding garments.

2022.11.21 The Tailory NYC Suited Bourdoir2114 1
The Tailory NYC by Alex KorolkovasTheTailoryNYC by Alex Korolkovas X2A4456


Representing the utmost style and sophistication, custom masc tuxedos are a bold approach to a traditional design and makes its own unique lane that is truly unforgettable. Our philosophy is that everyone should have a wedding garment that is designed with your specifications in mind. The Tailory New York works diligently with each client by providing assistance that boosts your wedding look to create a strong statement that works seamlessly for your wedding day.

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