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When it comes to creating a custom tuxedo, there can be no compromise. It needs to look fantastic and feel comfortable at the same time. The perfect tuxedo looks sleek and elegant with all the modern design elements we’ve come to expect. The Tailory NYC is famous for being versatile, for we design suits for any gender and any occasion, serving clientele that spans the globe.

Tuxedos and suits in general are becoming increasingly fashionable. Not only do they express individuality and a sense of style, they also simply fit much better than off-the-peg items with their fixed clothing sizes. In addition, fabrics and cuts can be freely varied and combined according to personal preference. With us, everything is fully custom and never boring!

Bespoke Tuxedo NYC for Men & Women

The tuxedo is a faithful companion at events with dress codes like “black tie” or “cravate noire”. If these terms appear in your invitation, then you are expected to wear a tuxedo.

Especially for a visit to the opera or a dance ball, a tuxedo is the appropriate garment for the gentleman who wants to radiate the necessary elegance for such an event. We think that it does not always have to be the classic black or dark blue design.

We will gladly inspire you with our daring and colorful models. A bespoke tuxedo gives you the perfect wearing comfort and makes your appearance unforgettable with a few special, individual details.

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Tips for Wearing a Tuxedo

Since we get many questions from first-time tuxedo owners, here are some tips.

  • Always wear a bow tie with your tuxedo, never a tie, as it is an absolute no-go.
  • A tuxedo should be accompanied by a white shirt, preferably with a tuxedo collar (flapped collar), concealed button placket, and preferably a turn-up cuff for wearing cufflinks.
  • Classically, a tuxedo jacket should be black or midnight blue, but you can adapt to the seasonal trend if you are brave. A white jacket is called a dinner jacket and worn at classy garden parties and on cruises.
  • A classic gentleman carries a handkerchief in the breast pocket of his tuxedo to hand to a lady in case tears should flow.
  • A traditional tuxedo has no belt loops and is often worn with a cummerbund or suspenders. The cummerbund should match the color of the bow tie.
  • If possible, wear patent leather shoes with your tuxedo. They go best with it.

What Distinguishes a Tuxedo?

A tuxedo consists of a jacket with silk satin lapels, one-button closure without a back vent. The trousers without belt loops have a simple stripe (gallon), also made of black silk. With it a vest or cummerbund, a tuxedo shirt with a concealed button placket and turn-up cuffs, and a bowtie.

It is worn with smooth, polished black shoes. The jacket and trousers are made of the same black or midnight blue fabric. The cummerbund and bow tie are usually black, but today may also be chosen in a fashionable color. The tuxedo shirt is always white.

What Accessories Go With a Tuxedo?

Cuff links for the shirt and a white pocket kerchief that peeks out of the breast pocket in an American rectangular fold. If a wristwatch, please not a sporty version, relatively simple and classic in retro style. Thick purses are taboo, while a wallet and money clip are correct.

Please leave the side jacket pockets closed. Piped pockets bulge unsightly. Wear an orchid on the lapel if you want to set color accents or create a little more individuality.

When is a tuxedo worn?

The dress code says: at all evening events that begin at 6 pm. Exception: provided that an event starting in the afternoon does not include a break, the tuxedo may be worn as early as 3 pm.
If you want to wear the tuxedo as a wedding suit, you can combine it with a colored (for example, silver-gray) vest and possibly a plastron. We tend to advise against a black bow tie and cummerbund for a church wedding.

For an outdoor ceremony in the evening, choose the light dinner jacket in white or natural – the rest of the outfit does not change.

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Bespoke Tuxedo in New York City

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