Essential Blazer Care & Maintenance

Essential Blazer Care & Maintenance

In order to maximize the impact of your style statement, it is absolutely necessary to know the proper care and maintenance techniques in order to keep your tailored blazers in pristine condition.

Blazers worn throughout a long day should be well taken care of once it has ended by hanging them on a suitable clothes hanger in your wardrobe. Leave plenty of space between the blazer and other articles of clothing so that the fabric has time to recover and should never be folded in order to avoid wrinkles. If after a long day there are wrinkles in your bespoke blazer, hanging it overnight will remove them. For any dirt found on your jacket, easily remove it with a soft bristle brush.

Clean Blazers in Cold Water

Aside from wool, shearling, fur, and leather that should be remedied through a professional cleaner, all other fabrics are best cleaned with a gentle cold rinse and then air dried to preserve the material. Never wash a blazer in a machine or in hot water as this can cause structural damage that is irreversible. There are some blazers that are fine with a machine wash, but ensure that you adhere to label instructions before attempting to go this route.

Smart storage is key to protecting your custom blazers.

Over the course of the season, you are likely to wear several tailored blazers that will require adequate care towards the end of it, and one of the best ways to keep them fresh is by utilizing garment covers that keep dust and debris to a minimum. 

Not only are garment covers effective at increasing air flow to the material, but it also reduces potential mold growth that can cause damage to the fibers.

Have a Dry Cleaning Service on Hand

There are times when only a dry cleaner can effectively treat a blazer, and it is important to do so sparingly as excessive treatments can discolor or shrink it over time. Most blazers are kept in peak condition with one trip to the dry cleaners after the end of a season.

Keep all of these tips in mind when it comes to the maintenance of your current blazer collection, and make an appointment with us to get a custom fitted suit or outfit for the next addition to your wardrobe.

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