What to Expect when Googling “Best Custom Suits New York”

When people Google “custom clothing New York” or “best custom suits New York”, they’re usually looking for classically tailored custom suits for men. It’s as if there is no room for creativity beyond the traditional kind of suit making we’ve come to expect of a bespoke custom tailor on Savile Row. However, the team behind The Tailory New York is committed to creating unique pieces for each and every client, whether they’re looking for a traditionally masculine suit or something a little more eccentric.

We also see a lot of traditional men’s suits being made for female clients who do not desire a classically feminine, hourglass women’s suit - cinched at the waist and flaring out at the hips. Masculine suiting influences even extend to design details and styling - think trendy sartorial details like contrasting threads for buttonholes or crisp white shirts and ties.

While these aspects are all typically associated with suiting, it can be a little limiting to think of suits for women in these terms. Why stifle opportunities for creativity and innovation with a strict adherence to tradition? What also ends up happening is that these suits often feel impersonal to the wearer and do not fully express their unique sense of style. To us, that completely defeats the purpose of getting a garment custom-made.

So we’ve taken a different approach in response to the overarching conformity of custom suiting nowadays. At The Tailory, clients will get to design their individual suit from A to Z with our guidance, starting with choosing a fabric and lining and moving on to lapels, buttons, and monograms. We take more than 35 measurements and discuss silhouette in detail to ensure you’ll get a perfect fit every time, no compromise.

We do not follow trends because, to us, custom suiting should be just that: custom. There is no one way to make a suit for women; instead, there is one suit for every person who walks through our doors, regardless of suiting trends. The Tailory’s commitment to excellence is timeless.