The Tailory’s Roundup of Best Suits For Young Professional Women

As a woman, it can be a constant struggle finding suits to wear to work. The Tailory has decided to help by rounding up our best suits for young professional women.

 Color is the New Neutral

2018 was all about soft pastel suits; lavenders, mints, and baby pinks dominated the runways as far as women’s suits go. 2019 brings with it a fresh slew of business professional female suits for spring and summer: superbrights. Think fuchsia, royal blue, and kelly green as the new women’s suiting must-haves. Why go for just a pop of radiant color when your whole outfit can dazzle? As a general rule: a richer color makes for a more successful suit, the opulent color acting as a counterpart to the sleek lines of an expertly tailored suit for a bold and exciting style statement.

 A Cropped Silhouette: For the Girl on the Go

A traditional approach to tailoring suit jackets and pant lengths can sometimes overwhelm a petite figure. However, there is a simple solution: elect to wear a cropped women’s petite suit instead. A move away from classic cuts, the cropped jacket and pant add a touch of breezy playfulness to the women’s business suit, allowing you to flaunt your ankles and the strappy sandals adorning them. Sometimes, there’s nothing sexier than showcasing just a sliver of skin. And don’t worry, the cropped approach to tailoring works just as well for women of all sizes.

The Three-Piece Suit: When More is More

There is power in committing to an old-world, three piece suit. Though pairing a three-piece with a crisp white shirt is always a classic, we recommend foregoing tradition by wearing nothing underneath and rocking your vest as a top. This modern take on the women’s executive suit is just a touch sexy and always fresh. What’s more, it guarantees a seamless transition from a day at the office to a night on the town. Pair with pointed-toe heels or women’s oxfords to complete the look.

We hope this brief round-up of suits for young females gave you some much-needed office wear inspiration. Book an appointment at The Tailory New York to embark on your custom suiting journey!