Bespoke Suits in New York For Men, Women, and Nonbinary Individuals

The term bespoke comes from the verb “bespeak,” to be spoken for or ordered to be made. Usually reserved for men’s clothing created to the individual, it was long thought of as analogous to women’s haute couture. As such, finding a bespoke women’s suit in New York is often long and arduous, let alone one that understands personal preferences for fit and style.

However, times have changed, and we at The Tailory have committed ourselves to creating custom suits for men, women, and nonbinary individuals in equal measure. Who says suiting, and bespoke suiting especially, should be reserved for men? Denying women and nonbinary folks access to this service on the basis of gender would be regressive, and goes against our brand’s mission statement: to provide custom suits for everybody and every body.

We aim to bring clients of all backgrounds together through a common passion: a want and love for suits that not only fit properly, but celebrate the individual without compromise. When looking for a bespoke suits in New York, it is primordial to find a custom tailor who caters to all people, as this is often a testament to their design abilities.

If you’re currently searching for a bespoke tailor in NYC, look no further than The Tailory New York. We offer a range of custom clothing items, from suits and tuxedos to shirts, dresses, jumpsuits, chinos, jeans, and more. We’re also happy to help you bring unconventional designs to life, whether you’re looking for an embellished blazer, a capesuit, or a morning coat. The process is simple: choose a fabric, design you piece with our guidance, and get measured! We’ll place your order immediately, and your piece will be ready for you to wear in 3 to 5 weeks. It doesn’t get any better!

Have any questions? Email us at for more information about the custom process. If you’re interested in having something custom-made, head over to our Appointment page to book a session with our team in Midtown Manhattan. We look forward to meeting you!