The Slim-Fit Approach to Suits

The Slim Fit Approach to Suits

The notion of well-tailored, slim-fit apparel that contours to the body is not a new concept and will always be a major component of the fashion world. What is changing at the moment, however, is how this specific aesthetic now speaks to those that have traditionally been relegated outside of what is considered the normal sizes in mainstream commercial circles. As more people demand clothing that is for everyone and every size, designers of note are answering the call by providing body-contouring fits that serve the needs of men and women interested in the trend.

A Slim Fit Speaks Volumes

One of the reasons why the slim-fit approach to suits has gained such traction is how accommodating it is to people that prefer genderless clothing. The slim-fit style enhances any physique as it presents a more polished look that gives the impression of distinction and precision all at once. Bespoke apparel has now become a mainstream part of every wardrobe as many begin to turn to a look that previously was considered outside the realm of some body types. That notion has effectively been laid to rest as today’s trends cover the spectrum possibilities.

For those that prefer wearing suits, a great, slim-fit suit immediately takes the look to the next level and evokes a bold character that speaks volumes without saying a word. With a great attention to details, a tailored suit allows the wearer the full range of possibilities that include a broader range of colors and prints that can take inspiration from 60s mod styling to future classics that dominate today’s concrete jungles.

Get the Fit

The slim fit requires extreme detail to the shoulders as there should be no puckering at the front of the jacket or pulling across the back. This is where master tailoring comes into play in creating the exact measurements you need for the optimal effect. Contact us and meet our experienced team that understands how to taper to your specifications and complement your sense of style.

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