The Three-Piece Suit Re-Emerges

The Three Piece Suit Re Emerges

Don’t call it a comeback.
Consider it a reboot.

Truth be told, the three-piece suit has never completely gone away from mainstream fashion, it has merely recalibrated itself to changing times in ways that are more accessible to people of all shapes and sizes, genders, and personal aesthetics. If the latest collections are any indication, not only are three-piece suits returning to wardrobes, but are becoming one of the de facto genderless trends that have become a popular look for true aficionados.

Those that study the fine art of lapels, vents, and bespoke apparel understand that three-piece suits have traditionally been more difficult for some to pull off because of the constraints with tailoring of the era. Today, custom pants, jackets, and suits are standard for all walks of life, which makes the three-piece easier to mix and match with other areas of your collection without compromising your personal sense of style.

Wear It Well

The versatility of a three-piece suit is undeniable as it provides a range of options from the single-breasted jacket variety that favors a more streamlined silhouette, to double-breasted that offer a sharp alternative and possibly other textures and fabrics to consider. One rule of advice for properly wearing a three-piece suit is the unwritten yet closely followed rule of leaving the last button open to really optimize the overall visual.


The three-piece suit is a dynamic look that demands proper tailoring in order to maximize the effect and give it the personal touch it deserves. Men and women have the power to incorporate this unisex trend as they see fit and customize it in any way that complements their aesthetic. The confidence of a three-piece suit requires skilled craftsmanship, so contact us today to assist you in giving a timeless trend the detailing it warrants.

If you want to apply to work with us to design your own custom suit you can book an appointment, phone: 212-813-1014, email: or message @thetailorynyc on Instagram.

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