Top Trends For Women’s Blazers

One of the greatest investments a woman can make for her wardrobe is an excellent blazer that is versatile enough to provide a myriad of looks that suit her personal sense of style. As the unequivocal MVP of clothing, the right jacket can elevate the simplest of looks to the next level with a minimum of effort. With the right blazer, it is possible radiate your true personality and create an air of sartorial gravitas that gives you plenty of options and these are the top trends in women’s blazers to be on the lookout for.

Top Trends For Womens Blazers

The Rio Blazer

There’s a reason why the Rio blazer makes this list and it’s simple – style, class, and sophistication are traits that every woman wants and a rio blazer provides in abundance. Featuring clean lines and minimal tailoring, the rio blazer is a staple namely because of its versatility, making it easily adapted for the office or evening wear. It’s the blazer that can take you anywhere you want to go in a sleek and stylish way.

The Margaux Blazer

Everything old eventually becomes new again, and the Margaux blazer is a wink and a nod to 90s menswear that has been revamped for the modern woman. As a classic double-breasted jacket option that veers into the realm of genderless clothing, its boasts a boxy silhouette and is slightly more tailored than its predecessors from previous eras. The latest iteration of the Margaux blazer has incorporated the LGBTQ+ trend of unisex apparel that includes a peaked lapel, flap pockets, and other subtle improvements that are progressive and modern to suit the times.

The Collarless Blazer

No lapels?
No problem!

Arguably the hottest trend in women’s blazers right now are collarless blazers, a sleek and subtle jacket that takes the understated approach to elevated fashion. What makes the collarless option stand out are the many ways in which it can be layered and the streamlined silhouette that gives it a chic option that looks great on women of all shapes and sizes. The collarless version allows women the power to play up the accessories for a casual style that can be personalized with ease.

Which blazer style is the one for you?

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