What Coat Should I Wear With a Suit in Winter?

Few things feel better than putting on a customized suit that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. Whether you’re wearing a suit to an event, to work, or just for dinner with friends, there’s something about this androgynous staple that exudes confidence and style without trying too hard.

The only problem? Winter exists. And while you may want to show off your suit to anyone and everyone, you also want to stay warm as the temperatures drop.

Whether you like it or not, sometimes you’ve got to put a coat on. But which coat should you wear with a suit without compromising your entire fit?

Fear not – we’ve rounded up the best options for you to ensure you stay warm while remaining stylish and chic. Stick around for everything you need to know.

What Coat Should I Wear With a Suit in Winter 1Trench coats

 Trench coats are an androgynous must-have that suits most outfits out there – even suits! Trench coats add an element of sophistication to your outfit without compromising on style. They’re warm, come in a variety of colors and are considered a classic coat to ensure you stay warm without creasing or damaging your suit. They typically are designed with a slightly looser fit, ensuring you can move freely without feeling restricted, especially when you’ve got lots of layers on.


Overcoats are perhaps one of the most traditional and classic types of coats to pair with a suit. They were originally designed to be put over bulky outfits, helping keep your outfit intact and put together.

While overcoats are available in a wide variety of colours, their most iconic colors include grey, black and brown. An overcoat is always a safe and fashionable option when trying to find something warm to put on over your suit.

What Coat Should I Wear With a Suit in Winter 2Pea coats

 Pea coats are also suitable for wearing over customized suits. They’re generally seen as being less formal than trench coats and overcoats given their short length, making them the perfect option for more everyday occasions.

Available in different textures and materials, pea coats typically mirror suits well with their fitted shoulders and boxy fit. They look great with both fitted and wide-leg trousers, making them a vital clothing item that works with all of your suits.

What coat should I wear with a suit in winter?

In a perfect world, we’d all walk around in our killer suits without having to worry about coats. But as temperatures continue to drop, there’s no harm in pairing your chic outfit with an overcoat, trench coat or pea coat to help keep you warm. They not only preserve your suit when you’re shuttling around from place to place but can also form part of an exciting outfit reveal when you finally arrive at your location.

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