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The Tailory New York is an appointment-only, women-owned, and operated bespoke clothing company that combines modern fashion design with the heritage art of custom-tailoring. We believe that custom suits are genderless and we cater in equal measure to men, women, and non-binary individuals.

Custom suits can convey a specific identity or image to the world around us. When designing a suit, we always ask ourselves: Who is the wearer, and where will they be wearing their suit? What are they trying to communicate to the world around them? And how can we create a suit tailored to their unique style, physique, and gender identity and/or presentation? Our ability to wield the power of fashion to meet the singular needs of each of our clients sets us apart from other custom clothiers.

Innovative Custom Tailored Suits in New York City

While custom clothes are typically associated with uniformity, we like to get creative (when possible!) when we design quality suits. Whether that involves playing with color blocking or selecting a funky patterned lining to give a classic navy or charcoal suit a sense of playfulness, we’re all about innovating and looking to the future. Our clients are bold, ambitious, and accomplished, our hope being that the one-of-a-kind clothing we create, tailored to their bodies, design preferences, and lifestyles, will serve as an instrument for success, self-affirmation, and self-empowerment.

We are known for our masculine-of-center women’s bespoke suits in New York, giving our clients a design and silhouette that enhances their self-image and projects confidence. Though people sometimes think of us exclusively as the makers of some of the most exciting and fashion-forward custom suits NYC has to offer, our offerings also include shirts, trousers, dresses, jumpsuits, and overcoats. That’s right: all bespoke, never boring! We have earned a reputation for our fine quality and a dedication to uncompromising style.

Clothes make the person, they say, and you truly realize this when wearing suits. It simply feels better: You sit differently in it, you stand differently in it, you walk differently in it, you behave differently in it. You even express yourself more carefully and end up making better decisions, simply because everything is a bit more important when you’re wearing a bespoke suit.

Client Experience

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Made to Measure Suits

More Than Just Made to Measure

Custom clothing can be a little daunting for first-timers, but here in New York, we try our best to make the process as seamless as possible. Everything starts with choosing a fabric from a selection personally hand-picked by our consultants based on your custom wants and needs. From there, we’ll guide you in choosing every design detail, ranging from your jacket lining and buttons to your monograms, lapels, and pocket styles.

Next, we’ll take over 35 measurements either at our location in New York City or from afar via a virtual appointment. A mix of body measurements (your actual dimensions), finished measurements (of the garments) for silhouette and fit, and posture evaluation, which determines how to cut your custom suit to best flatter you. Your bespoke suit will arrive in 3 to 5 weeks depending on the provenance of your chosen fabric. We’ll then conduct a fitting and make any necessary alterations to ensure an optimal fit. Our in-house tailors can complete your alterations in as little as two days, at which point you’ll be ready to start rocking your brand new bespoke garments.

Wearing jackets or suits is an important part of professional life, especially in a city like New York. If you need them for your everyday work or simply have a special weakness for high-quality tailored clothing, made-to-measure suits by The Tailory are an excellent investment. An incredible amount of detailed work goes into all of our suits: not only the cutting of the outer and lining fabric but also the processing of ingredients, the manufacturing, and the ironing, tailoring, and fitting. A made-to-measure garment not only ensures that you are always perfectly dressed. It also adds a touch of humanity to your style, precisely because it is made by human hands. A custom suit from us is a piece of art to wear, a piece of real craftsmanship.

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Benefits of a Custom Clothing

Wearing custom clothes is still a pleasure even after eight hours in the office and a night of dancing! With a made-to-measure suit or custom tuxedo, you combine a flattering look with a comfortable fit, so that your suit never constricts you or makes you swim.

We take into account your posture and physical characteristics and adjust the fabric, design, and fit accordingly. Of course, your preferences (style & comfort), movement patterns, and possible physical changes also play an important role in the design of your custom suits. Taking all these aspects into account, you can be sure to get a quality bespoke garment you won’t want to miss.

The biggest advantage of a custom suit is, of course, its fit. Ready-to-wear clothing is meant to fit as large a cross-section of the population as possible. So it stands to reason that there must be trade-offs in fit. Everybody is different, and that’s a good thing. Our experienced in-house tailors cater to these differences individually and accentuate your best features!

You have many options in the creation of your individual custom suit. We can offer you a large and varied selection of the finest fabrics. You can also give free rein to your creativity in the design.

Sustainable Custom Suits & Alterations NYC

The textile industry is increasingly criticized for inadequate working conditions and lack of sustainability. No wonder, if collections are to appear in a weekly rhythm at ever-lower prices. This creates an enormous burden to the detriment of the environment and people. In this respect, a custom-tailored suit is a big step in the right direction. Only what has been ordered is manufactured, so less material ends up in the trash.

Even during the fabric production of our suppliers, care is taken to minimize the impact on the environment. And, of course, the quality of the workmanship plays a central role. Only a garment made with the highest quality materials can be a long-lasting companion.

As you can see, there are good reasons to have a suit made. But be careful: once you know the difference, you will hardly want to wear anything else.

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Bespoke Suits

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