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Work It In A Suit That Does It For You With Style@Work

Expertly Tailored Custom Suits

Because we want you to crush it when you go back, our corporate discount program Style@Work makes it easy to slip into that well-fitted feeling.

  • 24/7 Professional style consultation
  • 15% Off premium quality bespoke attire

Inclusive Style In The Workplace

An inclusive space, uncompromising quality, and an unparalleled custom tailoring experience await you at The Tailory.

  • Personalized one-on-one process.
  • Virtual Covid-friendly and in-person fittings.
  • Streamlined tailoring and easy alteration methods.
  • Extensive premium quality fabric, lining, & trim choices.
  • Fast turnaround time that doesn’t sacrifice quality or style.
  • Our algorithm has been perfected to ensure a suit that is tailored to your body.
  • Receive a free shirt with your first suit purchase to complete the look.
  • We value kindness and fairness, so we treat you with the respect you deserve.

You’re not really going like that, are you?

Personalized Attention Every Stitch Of The Way

Custom design should never be confusing. From the first sketch to the final stitch, we’ve got this down to a precise science.

  • Book it
    Book your virtual fitting session via FaceTime, Zoom, smoke signals, or whichever video call app you prefer. 
  • Browse it
    Select your fabric, lining, and trim from an extensive selection of fine virtual swatches.
  • Design it
    Get down to the details with our team to design your suit from top to toe and from inside out.
  • Measure it
    Use our state-of-the-art body scanning app to collect 35 precise measurements and analyze your different postures.
  • Order it
    We’re ready to get started. Review your custom choices in the order confirmation sent to you via email.
  • Receive it
    Get ready to suit up because your brand new baby arrives in 3-6 weeks.
  • Try it
    Feel that first time fit over a video call with the design team and share your first impressions, thoughts, and feedback.
  • Alter it
    We can’t call it custom if there’s a stitch out of place. Use the provided return label to send your suit back for any minor alterations.
  • Rock it
    You’re officially part of the #SuitSquad! Go flaunt that fit!

Once we make the final stitch, we’ll keep your online profile updated so that you’re all set to come back anytime.

Go get that 15% discount!

You may reach us at with any questions you may have.


A One-Size-Fits-All Suit Will Never Flaunt A One-Of-A-Kind Personality
These members of the #SuitSquad agree.

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