From classic, iconic looks like James Bond and Steve McQueen to funky, modern ensembles worn by the likes of Bruno Mars, Harry styles and the Weeknd. We have Men's Custom Suiting covered from A-Z

Whatever you are suiting up for, the office, the boardroom, a Zoom Video Meeting, your wedding, someone else’s wedding, the Met Gala, your annual meeting, your eventual in-laws for the first time, father/son picnic or just to have. We offer stylish custom Men’s Suit designs for all occasions.

no lapel custom suit
custom men suit in a glen check pattern


In an ever-evolving world of fashion, custom men's suits hold an unparalleled appeal, offering a sophisticated blend of individual style, luxury, and fit

In the realm of men’s formal wear, these made-to-order or full custom marvels serve as a striking statement, encapsulating one’s personality in threads and seams. This is the age of the bespoke era, where men’s business attire isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s a reflection of the wearer’s persona.

In contrast to ready-to-wear pieces, custom men’s suits bear the hallmark of uniqueness, enabling men to leave a significant mark wherever they go. This personal touch extends not only to suits but also to every custom shirt in a gentleman’s closet. Every piece of garment tells a story – one that is bespoke to the man wearing it, and so it is imperative to choose these custom pieces with discerning taste and understandin


Choosing to invest in a custom shirt or suit means owning a timeless piece of garment.

Crafted from the best materials and moulded to suit the shape and style of it’s owner, custom men’s suits are designed to stand the test of time. Embrace the fine craftsmanship, the attention to detail, the feel of a perfectly tailored suit against your skin; all speak volumes about the choice you’ve made and the personality you’re nuturing.

Invest in yourself through custom men’s suits, enhancing your persona and becoming an advocate for exquisite men’s formal wear/ Establish your signature style with custom shirts and bespoke suits and redefine the benchmark for elegance. Be more than just a spectator in the world of men’s business attire. Don the mantle of individuality and personal charm. 

Make an impact, leave an impression, set a statement-your custom suit awaits you. 



At The Tailory New York, our commitment is to design suits that tell your story. It’s more than just custom tailoring – it’s a testament to who you are

We carefully weave each thread with meticulous detail and masterful precision, transforming the fabric into an expression of your unique style.Your journey with us begins with an intimate conversation where we dive deep into your sartorial preferences, understanding your personality, style, and desires. Based on this dialogue, we take meticulous measurements, accounting for your unique nuances, not just your dimensions.

We then move on to creating a pattern that is entirely and undeniably you, each stitch, seam, and detail resonating with your individuality. The craftsmanship is precise yet artistic, combining your measurements with the selected design to transform a piece of fabric into a powerful expression of your style.
The process culminates in a fitting session, where your vision comes alive as you try on your tailor-made suit for the first time. If required, minor adjustments are made, not just to fit your physique, but to embrace it like a second skin. It’s a magical moment that echoes the perfect symbiosis of craftsmanship, artistry, and individuality.
The Tailory New York goes beyond just tailoring – we take you on a unique sartorial journey, crafting garments that embody your personal narrative and bring your style to life. We welcome you to embark on this journey with us, from the first consultation to the final fitting, as we thread your sartorial dreams into reality.
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