Looking to revolutionize your wardrobe with impeccable tailoring and bespoke design? Nowhere else in NYC will you find the combination of bespoke tailoring and fashionable aesthetic we provide. Whether you’re looking for a power suit jacket, stylish blazer or want to break the gender norms with our custom gender-neutral styles, The Tailory New York has it all. Trust in us to perfect your custom suit jackets in New York City. For anyone who loves individual style, our tailored pieces break away from conventional retail and truly capture you are. Eleveate your wardrowe with a bespoke suit jacket, designed with precision, mastery and you in mind. Discover a world of exceptional fit and unparalleled quality with our custom jackets in NYC.

custom jacket with cold shoulder details and in cropped length

The Tailory
New York: Crafting Individuality

A purveyor of well-crafted, individually tailored garments, The Tailory New York has quickly become a fashion-forward sanctuary for those in search of the perfect fit.

Our pièce de résistance? Bespoke jackets that merge the realms of luxury and individuality with the precision of tailoring. Each jacket is meticulously crafted to the unique contours of your body, serving as a testament to your personal style. The Tailory New York’s commitment to detail ensures every jacket is an embodiment of elegance, and a beacon of personal expression. This devotion to individuality sets the brand apart, allowing clients to strut the streets in one-of-a-kind pieces that exude confidence and sophistication.

The Tailory New York truly brings to life the age-old adage that fashion is a form of self-expression. Here, you’re not just another client, you’re the designer of your own aesthetic, with the power to bring your style vision to life. No request is too small, no detail overlooked, and no style left unexplored. It’s this level of dedication to personalization that puts The Tailory New York at the forefront of New York’s bustling fashion scene.


The freedom to select from a spectrum of fabrics, patterns, and colors makes this journey all the more thrilling

The freedom to select from a spectrum of fabrics, patterns, and colors makes this journey all the more thrilling. Whether you’re charmed by timeless navy blues or drawn towards vivid pinks, or perhaps you have a penchant for minimalistic solids or complex patterns, the options are endless. Your style preferences dictate the design of your bespoke jacket.

Want to add a personal touch to your jacket? The Tailory New York invites you to customize every detail, from the style of your lapel to the design of your buttons, and even the placement of your pockets. Each design element is tailored to your taste, ensuring that the final product is a true reflection of your individual style.

At The Tailory New York, the goal is to make a jacket that is uniquely you. It’s not just about finding the perfect fit but about finding the perfect design that matches your personality and sense of style. With such a wide array of design choices and the ability to customize every detail, your bespoke jacket becomes much more than just a piece of clothing – it becomes an extension of you.

So, let your imagination run wild, and let The Tailory New York bring your sartorial vision to life. After all, bespoke tailoring is not just about fit, it’s about creating a style narrative that’s uniquely yours. And there’s no better place to start than with a custom jacket from The Tailory New York.

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