Discover unparalleled craftsmanship at The Tailory New York where we redefine fashion norms with our unique and exceptional custom shirts. Elevate your style with our stylish fitted shirts tailored to your unique body measurements, preferences, and tastes. With The Tailory New York, you have the opportunity to flaunt custom men’s shirts, custom women’s shirts, and custom gender neutral shirts that reflect your personal style and confidence. Step into the world of bespoke clothing, step into our NYC showroom, and experience the sophisticated allure of custom shirts, created solely for you. Your shirt, your way!

The Promise Of a
Custom Fitted Shirt

Picture yourself slipping into a shirt, so perfectly tailored, it feels as though it was crafted specifically for you.

This is the unique experience that The Tailory New York offers to its clientele. Our bespoke shirts, cut with impeccable precision, not only fit your body perfectly but also elevate your natural physique. It goes beyond mere physical comfort, as important as it is; wearing our tailored shirts translates into an expression of unspoken elegance and sophistication. They tell a story about your identity, your style, and your confidence without the need for words. The commitment we exhibit towards every tiny detail is unparalleled. Each stitch, each seam, every button is deliberately placed, after considerable thought and insight, to craft a shirt that is a manifestation of your personal style, a piece that doesn’t just hang in your wardrobe, but rather becomes an essential part of it. This sartorial endeavor is an art, and at The Tailory New York, we’ve mastered it.


The custom shirt fit difference

Stepping into the world of personalization, The Tailory New York elevates the custom shirt experience.

Stepping into the world of personalization, The Tailory New York elevates the custom shirt experience. We believe that your clothing should reflect your unique personality, and our customization options offer the perfect canvas to do just that. It’s not just about the perfect fit, it’s about creating a style statement that resonates with who you are.

Picture yourself choosing the perfect collar style for your shirt, be it the timeless appeal of a spread collar or the avant-garde elegance of a mandarin collar. The choice is yours, the result is a shirt that mirrors your sartorial sensibilities. Then comes the choice of cuffs, from classic to French, each catering to different aesthetics and occasions.

We don’t stop there. Even the buttons and stitching are personalized to suit your tastes. From the color and style of buttons to the thread used for stitching, no detail is too small to be overlooked. Your preferences guide every step of the process, ensuring your shirt is a reflection of your unique style and personality.

Whether you favor a relaxed fit for a laid-back look or a more structured slim silhouette for a polished appearance, we’ll tailor it to your liking. At The Tailory New York, customization goes beyond just fit and fabric. It’s about paying attention to every detail, and using those details to tell your style story. The result? A shirt that isn’t just made for you, but is a piece of you. With us, your style takes center stage. It’s not just about the clothing, it’s about the person wearing it. Dive into the world of personalization and let’s create your perfect shirt together at The Tailory New York.

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