The Accessories You Absolutely Need

There always seems to be an eternal search for the perfect accessories that can bring out the essence of a great outfit. The mark of a true sartorialist is knowing the intricacies of curating and assembling the right accessories to complement your outfit while simultaneously showing off your personal sense of style. Whether a subtle custom piece or one designed to make a bold statement, the following are examples of accessories that you absolutely need in your wardrobe.

Brace and Lace Yourself

Brace and Lace Yourselfthe blazer dress and classic pearls for the win

The ability of a bracelet or necklace to elevate a look has been well documented over the years, and one of the best ways to showcase your personal sense of style is with bespoke jewelry that aligns with your character. A customized headband paired with a pantsuit offers a slick style choice that offers a sleek look from the top down, while a herringbone necklace takes an understated approach to defining a power pantsuit aesthetic.

Statement Pieces

Statement PiecesThe subtle power of the right accessories

There are a number of accessories that work well with a tailored pantsuit, and contrary to popular belief, a statement piece can be small and subtle and still make as much of an impact as an oversized one. Options include signature necklaces made with precious metals, chandelier earrings, or arm cuffs paired with tailored trousers that convey a bold, progressive look. Dynamic pieces paired with subtle, understated pantsuits are the perfect combination that speaks volumes and can make everything you wear come together elegantly. Particularly with genderless clothing, accessories can be the quintessential element that represents your personal tastes without saying a word.

Of Footwear and Fedoras

Of Footwear and Fedorasaccessorize from the brim down

There are many ways to punch up a pantsuit, and one unforgettable aesthetic is pairing a custom-designed blazer and jacket with a fedora hat for a bold look. Conversely, a more unisex approach to styling a great suit is with low-top sneakers for a low-key vibe or with stiletto heels for an upscale approach. As a bonus, a cashmere scarf and colorful socks are other great accessories that can take a pantsuit’s look up a notch or two.

Final Notes

When accentuating a tailored pantsuit, you want accessories that complement the look instead of competing with it. Select the ones that align with your overall look the best and remember that accessories offer the best opportunity to transform your sense of style whether you prefer the traditional and unconventional approach to fashion.

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