Sustainable Custom Vegan Suits in NYC

Custom Vegan Suit
Bea wears a tailored white, 100% bamboo suit for her nuptials.

We always aim to meet our clients’ needs when it comes to creating a custom vegan suit that reflects who they are and makes them feel at home in their own skin. 

While this categorically applies to matters of silhouette and fashion preferences, we sometimes need to create a suit in line with the individual’s personal beliefs and values. 

These projects are extremely rewarding for us, since each and every design decision carries a special meaning to the wearer. Many folks make a statement in the workplace with a vegan business suit.

Shawl lapel and relaxed fit
A shawl lapel and relaxed fit give this suit a touch of easy romance.

We often collaborate with clients to create vegan suits, environmentally conscious suits where none of the materials used are derived from animal products or cause harm to the environment.

The first step was choosing a fabric. Most bespoke suits are made of wool, silk, or mohair, which are derived from sheep, silkworms, and angora goats respectively. Choosing a vegan replacement actually turned out to be an easy feat; while cotton seemed like the most obvious option, we went with a 100% bamboo fabric from Gladson LTD instead. With a soft hand that feels like cashmere, its high breathability, unparalleled cooling properties, and luxurious coloring and drape, the bamboo fabric was a no-brainer.

Amanda radiate Enjoyment
Bea and Amanda radiate joy on their big day!

For linings, we selected Bemberg, a rayon fabric made from wood pulp and cotton. It is known for its silk-like feel and durability over actual silk, and it places less burden on the environment than a polyester lining, which can release nonbiodegradable microplastics into the environment, in addition to releasing carcinogens during the dyeing process.

The construction of the suit also came into question. Traditional suit canvasing and fusing is usually made from horse hair, eliminating it as a viable option for a vegan suit in New York. To solve this issue, we went with an unstructured jacket. This gave the suit a casual, understated elegance that complemented the malleable bamboo fabric beautifully.

Lastly, for the button, we opted for a natural nut button over plastics, horns, and shells. We hadn’t considered the fact that something as simple as a button could carry such personal significance for the wearer, and this was both a humbling and validating realization to come to. Experiences like these testify to the enduring power of custom clothing to drive conversations of sustainability in fashion.

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