Gender Nonconforming Formal Wear

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Although society has become more accepting of diverse gender identities in terms of casual clothing, the freedom to express one’s gender through formal wear remains limited. There is a lack of options that bridge the gap between traditional masculine and feminine styles. By opting for custom clothing, individuals can break free from the confines of the gender binary and bring their unique vision of formal wear, tailored to their gender expression, into reality.

Gender Fluid Designs Moving Past Trend Status

In contemporary times, an increasing number of individuals are choosing gender-neutral formal wear as an alternative to traditional wedding attire. Queer fashion has made significant inroads as of late and there are many avenues available to those that wish to create a look that aligns with their budget. The pricing depends on fabric choices, styling, and other factors, but at The Tailory, we always request that prospective clients provide their desired budget. Once an estimate is made, we collaborate for a singular look that provides the ultimate in gender expression.

Gender-Neutral Clothing Amidst a Spectrum

Gender-neutral clothing refers to garments that avoid the traditionally hyper-masculine or hyper-feminine elements and can be worn by anyone, irrespective of their gender identity. Regardless of your personal fashion style, there are non-binary suit designers dedicated to assisting clients in finding the perfect outfit and that is where The Tailory comes in. We offer an expansive range of services that cater to those searching for everything from feminine androgynous formal wear and plus-sized gender neutral formal wear to custom tuxedo dresses, non-binary wedding guest outfits, and more. We believe gender-fluid fashion should allow for the exploration of identity on a spectrum while providing a visual representation of individuality. Our mission is to assist this perspective by creating custom apparel suited for everyone.

Celebrating Authenticity Through Design

Ultimately, the most crucial aspect is that you feel amazing in the outfit you choose. At The Tailory, our mantra is people always radiate the best when they feel authentic. The mainstream fashion industry has finally embraced the concept of the beauty of fluidity, and non-binary fashion appeals to fashion’s eternal fascination with emotions, uniqueness, and exceptionalism.

No Parameters on Non-Binary Fashion

Everything is non-binary fashion. Attempting to define or confine its meaning within certain parameters goes against the very essence of being non-binary – living beyond the boundaries that society sets. The rise of gender non-conforming style exemplifies this no-boundaries, non-binary romanticism as a significant and influential force. Contact us and start building your own personalized non-binary wardrobe that celebrates your individual sense of style.

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