Long before Cher, Madonna and Lady Gaga, there was Liberace. The beloved pianist and showman perfected the art of dramatic entrances and with his penchant for over-the-top performances paired with even more extravagant costumes, it is little wonder that his legacy lives on with fashion enthusiasts. 

Known for his embellished style that includes rhinestone jackets, oversized caftans, sky-high heeled boots , tiaras and lots of lots of diamond rings, Liberace was at the forefront of embellished design and his extravagance continues to be lauded throughout the world. 


Liberace was ahead of his time, possessing a stage persona that evolved over the years from his modest origins in standard tuxedos and ties to some of the most extravagantly flamboyant costumes to ever grace the stage. As his fame and fortune grew to become the biggest act in Las Vegas, Liberace spared no expense with his wardrobe, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars on costumes that were noteworthy for their excess. 

He was a huge proponent of celebrating individuality, and through this principle, the concert pianist with top fashion designers to create a look that was so singular that it remains today one of the most iconic wardrobes of all times. Among his many outfits, attendees to his shows were visually barraged with an expansive range of looks that included dickies, vests, bowties, button-in cuffs,boots, jewelry, fur capes, and more. Before terms like “non-binary”, “unisex”, and “gender-neutral” were trending, Liberace eschewed all edicts of traditional fashion and incorporated embellished fabrics-hundreds of feet of fur were worn over the years as part of his performances. More so than any other performer at the time-and possibly before or since-Liberace embodied all the qualities of a visually dazzling superstar.


Liberace may have been at the forefront of outre fashion, but it doesn’t mean you cannot enhance your style in a similar way. An embellished jacket or even an embellished suit is but one way to create a singular style that is unforgettable. At The Tailory, our expert design team can create any look you want, from the subdued and dramatic to the loud and bombastic. Contact us today and insert a bit of opulence into your personal wardrobe.


Experience the exclusive luxury of custom embellishment services at The Tailory New York. Our master artisans painstakingly hand bead, hand stud, hand embroider, hand applique and hand paint, infusing your attire with personalized elegance and unmatched craftsmanship. Witness the harmony of tradition and fashion, skillfully brought to life in every stitch and print, making you stand out in style. Dive into a world of high-end personalization with The Tailory New York – where fashion meets fine art.



Customize your garments with our highly sought-after hand beading and studding services. Our skilled team of artisans meticulously embellish each piece with your unique style in mind. With an extensive selection of beads and studs to choose from, your options are virtually endless. From a cozy custom coat to a chic wedding tuxedo, an elegant gown, or a stylish blouse, our hand beading and studding techniques are the perfect solution to elevate any custom fashion piece. We take pride in our meticulous approach to ensuring that your personalized attire is second to none. Don’t just blend in with the crowd, stand out and showcase your exceptional taste with our extraordinary hand beading and studding services.

custom wedding jumpsuit with hand lace applique


Hand lace applique, especially popular with our wedding clientele, takes custom clothing to a new level of elegance. Ditching conventional lace overlay techniques, they often prefer the exquisiteness of applique work to achieve breathtakingly unique lace patterns, impressive necklines and entrancing ombre effects. 

What sets apart our bespoke process of hand lace appliqué from others? Every piece of lace pattern is painstakingly cut and precisely applied by our adept artisans to each custom garment, be it a bespoke wedding dress, custom wedding jumpsuit, custom suit, or custom tuxedo. This elaborate process involves carefully laying out and applying the lace elements in distinct patterns and colour transitions that are only limited by your imagination. 

Every stitch is an expression of personal style. Our seasoned experts thrive on the challenge of turning your visions into beautifully realized custom attire. As one of the leading providers of custom wedding clothing, we make dreams a reality. Whether you prefer the glamour of a custom wedding jumpsuit, the timeless elegance of a custom tuxedo, or the tailored fit of a custom suit, our team ensures that every lace appliqué is placed with love and precision.



Discover the artistic mastery of hand embroidery at The Tailory New York. Our talented team intricately and delicately hand-apply exquisite embroidery on bespoke garments, producing truly unique, custom-made creations.

Each stitch applied in our bespoke garments represents countless hours of precision and expertise, offering a breathtaking embellishment that ensures a unique sartorial expression. From stunningly embroidered custom wedding jumpsuits, hand-embroidered to a level of sophistication and attention to detail that stands above all else, to elegantly personalized custom tuxedos and suits, every element reflects our dedication to craftsmanship and creativity. 

No stitch is misplaced, and no detail overlooked, whether embroidering on a luxe custom tuxedo or adding an elaborate accent to a sophisticated custom suit. We merge classic skills with contemporary design, seamlessly turning an ordinary garment into an extraordinary, bespoke piece.


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Elevate your style with the distinctive flair of custom patches on your personalized garments. Whether you prefer a classic custom suit, an edgy custom bomber, or a stylish custom overcoat, our team of experienced craftsmen hand-apply meticulously-designed custom patches that add a unique aesthetic to your look. With unparalleled precision, skill, and creativity, our experts navigate the intricate process of creating patches that match your desired motif and suit the specificities of each garment.
Harnessing years of experience and fine craftsmanship , our team will ensure the patches blend seamlessly with your custom overcoat, suit, or bomber, complementing the garment rather than overpowering it. They approach every patch with a creative mindset, allowing the personality of the wearer to shine through the smallest details. From the inception of a design to the hand application on your apparel, our process ensures that every stitch mirrors your unique vision.


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As purveyors of bespoke artistry, we take pride in embellishing your custom suit with the added allure of hand painting. Our adept team transforms each garment into a wearable piece of art, exemplifying an amalgamation of style and tradition.

Through our lens, black and white designs transcend from being merely graphic to emerging as minimalistic pieces of visual narrative. For those embracing vibrant hues, our floral watercolor splashes inject personality and flair to your bespoke ensemble. We break away from cookie-cutter monotony and redefine style with our custom hand painting.

Our process commences with conceptualization, meticulously listening to our client’s vision and design inclinations. Next, we bring that vision to life by painstakingly designing each element of your custom garment, whether it is a custom suit, custom shirt or custom pants, setting the base for the upcoming painting phase.

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